Rules With Diagrams

Reorientation {R14}

before after minor reorientation after major reorientation In this example the red piece cannot move in the before position. The two after positions show the result of red using the turn to do
1. A minor reorientation (45) or
2. A major reorientation (90)

You can use your turn in a different way and instead of moving one piece, you can reorient one piece.
When you reorient a piece by forty five degrees, you must choose two of your own tiles and change them back to neutral. When you reorient by ninety degrees, you must choose four of your tiles to change back to neutral

Using Your Turn For Reorientation

You can only use a turn to reorient if you have one or more pieces you could move if you chose to: if none of your pieces can make a move from one tile to another you are out of the game.

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