Rules With Diagrams

Connection Change {R8}

before after (option 1) after (option 2)
In this example the red piece has two possible moves which would be connections: starting on a red tile and finishing on a red tile.

When you make a long move from one tile of your colour to another tile of your colour (a connection), and you are not jumping any pieces, you must change all the intervening tiles to your colour. If this connection is also a border crossing then you must choose either to gain tiles from the connection change or from the results of the border crossing: you cannot claim both benefits.

Connection Jump {R9}

before after A connection jump. Any piece can be jumped if the move is a connection, but with the jump tiles in between are not changed by the connection. If the piece ends up in a different borderland, you still get a tile benefit from the border crossing.

When you move from one tile of your colour to another tile of your colour, you are allowed to jump any intervening pieces. However when you make a connection jump, you do not make a connection change and so no intervening tiles are changed.

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