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Guide to avoiding embarrassment when saying "Pacru, Azacru & Shacru" for the first time

In these days when everyone is quick to criticise and make fun, it can seem important to know just how a word should be pronounced. This is a handy quide with contributions from individuals around the globe, to how the names should be said. This may differ from country to country, or even within regions or cities of the same country, so players may wish to check up on the local pronunciation before travel as a way of avoiding a faux pas.

Some people may say that you can pronounce these words as you like (indeed the inventor of Pacru has been heard saying that he doesn't care how you say it, he's just pleased that you're playing it) but this is obviously taking free speech too far.

To contibute the correct local pronunciation for your city please send us a .wav or .mp3 file with the following sentences appropriately adjusted. Since someone has asked, we don't expect you to start by saing "Pacru" eight times - that's just a bit of decoration - it's the bit after that ...

Hi/Hello/Greetings (this is friendly but optional)
Pacru, Shacru, Azacru ( this is the key bit really, but you can change the order if you like, especially if it indicates your preference)
I'm Mike (best to say your own name here, and up to you if you want just a firstname)
I was born in Wandsworth, London, UK. Grew up in South London & Surrey, and have lived in South Manchester half my life (we want to keep it short and really just give enough information to help the traveller find the right pronunciation

If you are a non-English speaker then please feel free to submit both in English & your chosen language. Since we cannot control the use made of this material (since visitors to the website may download the sound files) then providing a sound file is taken to be consent to it being used however the downloader wishes within the constraints of the law. The sound files will typically be stored with the first name of the sender and their location - and if is more than one from the same location the file name will contain the first name and a numeric - so there will be no easy identification of a speaker simply from their first name and broad location details.

There is often a discount on offer for Pacru sets to those submitting a pronunciation file. Please check the buy Pacru page to see if this is currently available and the further details.

Pronounciation Guide

Current Country Name Born Grew up Currently living Pacru, Shacru, Azacru Size (KB)
UK Chris Calcutta, India South London, UK London, UK LISTEN 1587
UK Mike Wandsworth, London, UK South London & Surrey, UK South Manchester, UK LISTEN 277
UK Cath Leeds, UK Bradford & Torquay South Manchester LISTEN 306
UK Tim Shipley Bradford, Yorkshire South Manchester LISTEN 228
UK Matthew Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland LISTEN 160
UK James London Sussex & Manchester & Lake District Edinburgh, Scotland LISTEN 269
UK Simon Leicester, UK Leicester, UK Leicester, UK LISTEN 1587
UK Ken Somerest, UK Somerset, UK Southampton, UK LISTEN 382

Spelling Guide

Pacru, Shacru & Azacru have exactly that spelling.
However if there are any alphabets without the necessary letters we would be pleased to receive the appropriate spelling for those alphabets.

You can if you wish spell Pacru as
Pahcru, Pakru, Pakkru, Paccru, Pachru, Packru, Pakroo, Pacroo, Pahkroo, Parcru, Parkru, Pacrew, Percru, Percroo, Percrew, Perkru, Perkroo, Perkrew, Pecru, Pecroo, Pecrew, Pekru, Pekroo, Pekrew ... but then it will that bit harder to find it on the Internet. is something completely different - it is a hotel booking organisastion based in Russia
Similarly with Shacru and
Shahcru, Shakru, Shakkru, Shaccru, Shachcru, Shackru, Shakroo, Shacroo, Shahkroo, Sharcru, Sharkru, Shacrew, Shercru, Shercroo, Shercrew, Sherkru, Sherkroo, Sherkrew, Shecru, Shecroo, Shecrew, Shekru, Shekroo, Shekrew
Also with Azacru and
Azahcru, Azakru, Azakkru, Azaccru, Azachru, Azackru, Azakroo, Azacroo, Azahkroo, Azarcru, Azarkru, Azacrew, Azzahcru, Azzakru, Azzakkru, Azzaccru, Azzackru, Azzakroo, Azzacroo, Azzahkroo, Azzarcru, Azzarkru, Azzacrew, Assahcru, Assakru, Assakkru, Assaccru, Assackru, Assakroo, Assacroo, Assahkroo, Assarcru, Assarkru, Assacrew. Asatru is something completely different - it is a religion

Now that list exists on this page, it may be a little easier to find the board game even when the spelling is deviant... If you thought any of the games was spelt a different way when you first heard it, let us know and we'll add it to the list. We've even added the popular mis-typing's Pacur Shacur and Azacur, as well as the unrelated similarly sounding Shakra, Shakti, Azaru, .

The first ever reference to Pacru in a a newspaper (Lancashire Evening Post summer 2003) had the game as "Pakru" throughout the article, and since there was no mention of the website, anyone seeking for further information would have been somewhat stuck...

Pakru appears to be a character in an Indian film, and the actor has since become known by that name. There is at least one reference to Pacru as his name on the net.

Pacru video

For even more Pacru pronunciations try the Pacru video