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Mike Wellman - not so much a CV as a mosaic of titles, themes, stuff.

Born Wandsworth windmill Lane but don't remember that. Grew up Raynes Park near Wimbledon, went to school at Rutlish on Watery Lane in Merton. Played in pop/rock/jazz-rock bands a lot until I was 30: names include:
Vicrism (aka abattoir, CS Gas)
Impulse (previously known before my time as Stoned Gnome)
Ashby de la Zouch (rehearsal band only)
Blue Nun (rehearsal band only)
Victor and the miserables
Eclipse (recording only)
Seventh flight (rehearsal and recordings only while I was a member, live performance later)
Red (rehearsals only)
Ex equus
Winter light
Burning citroens
The project
Walter and the softies (covers but with style) (aka the almost legendary walter and the softies)
No claims (covers)
The ice cream situation

Only published music to result from all this was the Stilts single of 1981, aptly titled "Waiting for a miracle". Also played bass on "Stand up and Fight" a record released during the Miner's Strike & "You can't kill the Spirit" Manchester Greenham Women's Support Group.

I studied Politics and Philosophy at York University living in Vanburgh College. I later studied, without outcome, at Hull University and did a bit of part-time teaching in the Politics Department. At one time I had quite a good understanding of the Political Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes and a great deal of interest in the notion of Essentially Contested Concepts.

I have worked as a newspaper delivery boy, clerk on the actuarial section for Friends Provident, bontempi organ sales demonstrator, newspaper and sweet seller (and, let's be honest, cigarette-seller too) in hospital, filling station cashier, housing clerk for Manchester City Council, door to door market researcher, musician, bass guitar tutor, part-time lecturer and computer programmer (CMS Cheadle, Proteus Birmingham, DCFS Milton Keynes)

I was also involved in my twenties in the setting up of Greater Manchester Creches Against Sexism (what a great name that was) and was a participant in several men's groups (and help run a course "Thinking About Men" - which is another great title - should have used that for a band... I was in the Labour Party from 1977 to 1981 and have been a member of Amnesty International and the Vegan Society for rather a long time.

I have lived in London and Surrey (Northey Avenue borough of Epsom & Ewell), York, Birmingham (Edith Road Smethwick), Hull (Derringham Street near the Polar Bear) & Manchester (Fallowfield, Rusholme, Withington & Didsbury).

My parents Derek & Mavis are both dead now. Derek Wellman worked in the UK civil service and wrote plays (and performed in them too at the West Wimbledon Society). He was the son of Salvation Army officers. Mavis was a housewife until my sister and I left home. We briefly worked in the same office collating GP payments for the NHS in North Cheam. Derek's parents William David & Rose lived in Westcliff, Southend when I was growing up, and Mavis's Frank & Edith lived in Hasland, Chesterfield. I have one sister, Barbara who has a family with 4 grown up children.
I have a family with 2 grown up children and live with my wife in Manchester.

My most recent non-work, non-Game, activity was learning Russian and taking Russian GCSE. It's beeen a long time coming but this may be traced right back to seeing Dr Zhivago with my mum when we lived in Raynes Park.

Both this page - - and random jottings - and Mike's A Story of Learning Some Russian represent the views of Mike Wellman in a personal capacity and not Pacru Ltd