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Games on the Pacru Board

There is scope for many new games on the Pacru board. So far the established games are Pacru itself, Shacru, and Azacru. Lilacru, which was actually the second game invented for the board, is now considered a variant (even more simple) of Shacru. The non-Pacru games are not Pacru variants. Divacru is a Lilacru variant that has only had a certain amount of play testing.

Shacru & Azacru both share two elements which are in common with Pacru: the way the pieces move and the rule that you cannot land on opposition squares.

Here are the Shacru summary rules

Here are the Shacru rules with diagrams

Here are the Lilacru rules

Divacru is an extension of Lilacru with some more elements taken from the full Pacru rules.

Here are the Divacru rules